You won't find this magic anywhere else 

Five Bob Farm is an entirely unique patchwork of the best of the South Channel.

We pride ourselves on responsibly nurturing the land and offering a variety of experiences for visitors.

Gorgeous views of Bruny Island and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel create the setting for your adventure.

Bring a picnic along!

  • Learn about our Pepperberries
  • Book Events at The Venue
  • Source Locally Grown Native Veggies and Foods
  • Wander our Bush trails
  • Visit our brand new vineyard
  • Stroll throughΒ Art Farm and its gardens
  • Stop for a chat about what we're making and growing!

Farm History

We didn't rock up to this property with a business plan and a fistful of pineapples. We've grown slowly with generational hands hammering each fencepost, grasping harvest bundles, and scraping together new parcels of adjacent land.

Like a rambling garden, our land shows the wrinkles and scars of time; annexations, sheds, fences, pathways and sweat.Β 

Our current Stewards, Chris and Sue are part of the land in spirit, and in body. Chris, sees himself retiring only to wander the grounds, chat with visitors and supervise new projects from the sidelines adding his two cents, steaming cuppa tea in hand.

We do it for the love

And we offer it to visitors to enjoy along with us.
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A unique Tasmanian treasure with a working farm, orchard, art trail, bushwalks, kitchen garden, vineyard and venue that revel in breathtaking local surrounds.

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Call us on 0407 781 600

Visit us at 3866 Channel Highway, Birchs Bay, TAS 7162, Australia

Copyright 2024 Five Bob Farm | Built by A Lined Design
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